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Planning a Carnival Birthday Party

Come one, come all!! A carnival-inspired birthday party, sure to be a success for ages two and upwards, is going to have your children clamoring to enjoy activities, bring home gifts, and mostly have a whole lot of joy. With a slight prep, you can change a regular birthday gathering into the carnival experience of the year!

Carnival Invitations:
Captivating small party goers is a snap; invite kids to show up with a custom made carnival party invite. Don´t overlook providing drop-off and pick-up hours for moms and dads!

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Carnival design:
You´ll really want a refreshment stand, a some contest locations, and a shaded area where extremely- stimulated children can wind down. Card tables decorated with colorful (and throwaway) table covers work very well for refreshment stands; a refridgerator below can be put to use to hold drink containers
and water. If it´s within your budget, reserving a striped tent to serve as a "big top" will lend to the carnival atmosphere.

Games and prizes:
No carnival is complete without having games for the party attendees! A few of the greatest hits can be built in your own residence rather than bought. Three or four games will suffice; but nevertheless, check that every single young one is awarded an item just for playing so that they don´t feel left out. Prizes can be found at a dollar store – youngsters love pen-toppers, dress-up costume jewelry, and water guns.

A ring toss is relatively easy to construct; use recycled plastic lids with the centers removed for the rings and water-filled coke bottles to capture all of them. The age range of the young children participating ought to determine the gap between the throw line and the coke containers.
"Guess-how-many" jugs are nearly always a success. Using a crystal-clear plastic bottle functions just as well as a jar; the important part is that you fill it with something colourful and interesting. The best estimate will win the jar and its´ contents, so select age-appropriate treats or bouncing balls.

Carnival Birthday Party Invitation

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