The weather is getting colder but the parties don't have to stop! If your child has a winter birthday, ice skating is the perfect activity for the whole family! In many cities, indoor ice skating is available year round - even in hot summer months! Receiving an ice skating birthday party invitation in the middle of the summer would be an awesome surprise for your friends and family.

Ice skating parties are perfect because a group of people can participate for a low cost. Many venues also have celebration rooms and offer party services. Another benefit is that planning a party for this theme doesn't require much time!

Just remember to secure a location at least 8 weeks in advance. If many guests in your party are new to ice skating, ask the venue if they have instructors available to assist. Ask about what decorations will be provided by them and what you are allowed to bring.

Order or create your own ice skating birthday party invitations. The invitaton should include all the information people will need to have to attend the party. Be sure to include the date, time, and the address of the ice skating rink. Also include a phone number or email address where people can RSVP for the party. Don't forget other important details, like entrance fees, skate rentals, parking, etc. You should send out your ice skating party invitations at least 6 weeks in advance of the party.

On the day of the party, have fun! Take tons of pictures to capture everyone's smiling faces as they skate around the rink!

More info on ice skating from Wikipedia!

 Ice skating party invitation