How does Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS pickup work?

How does Walgreens and CVS pickup work?

-If you choose Walgreens or CVS pickup, we will transmit your order electronically to the store. Your order will be printed and ready for pickup in the store's photo lab.

-You pay online using our secure checkout. You will not have to pay when you pickup from the store.

- You will select a store during checkout.

 - Orders received before 5pm Eastern Time (4pm CT / 3pm MT / 2pm PT) will be transmitted to the store the same day.

- We usually submit the order to the store within 30 minutes of receipt, however, it may take up to 2 hours if we are experiencing a high volume of orders. Don't worry, as long as you place the order before 5pm Eastern time and have not requested adjustments, it will be transmitted to the store the same day. You will receive an email with the pickup time when we have transmitted your order to the store.

-Your order may be delayed if you request that we make adjustments to your order. The order will be transmitted to the store after you approve the updated proof.

- Orders received after 5pm ET (4pm CT / 3pm MT / 2pm PT) will be transmitted to the store the next day by noon.

- Store pickup orders are printed on glossy photo paper and do not include envelopes. You can purchase envelopes separately at an office supply store.

-If the store is unable to print your order due to problems with their machine, we will email you and ask for the address of an alternate store.

-Personalized Party Invites is a Better Business Bureau accredited company and is not owned by Walgreens or CVS. We utilize the stores' photo labs for printing orders placed at our website. We pay the store for printing your order.  Designs shown at can only be ordered online, not in-person at the store.

-View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers to common questions