Top 10 Baptism or Christening Gifts

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Baptism is the first big day for a baby since birth and it signifies a religious commitment.  This is a very special event for those who practice Christianity.  Many times, families will hold a reception after the church service which will include food, cake and conversation.  Those who are invited to the church and/or the reception might want to bring a gift but are unsure what exactly is given to baby on this particular occasion.  Here are some common gifts that people purchase for a baby’s baptism. 

Gift #1:  A Rosary.
    You can find Rosaries in Christian type stores or call your local Christian church to ask where to purchase one.
Gift #2: A Necklace.
    You can buy a cross charm or a necklace with the charm on it.  You could also purchase a bracelet for the charm. 
Gift #3:  Religious Books
    There are baby bibles as well as other children’s book dedicated to religious stories.  You might look for a bible that says, “Baby’s First Bible”. 
Gift #4:  Embroidered Gift.
    Purchase something with the baby’s name, date of Baptism and a special blessing.  You can look for a small pillow, blanket, or wall hanging. 
Gift #5: Stuffed Animal
    Some purchase a stuffed animal such as a lamb for the baby.
Gift #6: Clothing
    You can call the mother or father and ask if there is something you can buy for the baby’s Baptism such as the shoes, cloth, etc. 
Gift #7: Picture Frame
    You can buy a two sided frame.  Put the baby’s Baptism picture on one side and then a blessing on the other side.  You can either put the picture in yourself or give it to the parents to do themselves.
Gift #8: Videotape
    If you have a video camera and an editing program, you could offer to videotape the event and then put it on a DVD for the family. 
Gift #9: Photograph   
    Ask if they would like someone to take pictures during the event.  After printing out the ones you took, take the best one, increase the size to an 8×10 or 10×13 and frame it. 
Gift #10: Money
    Money is always appreciated so that the parents can buy something for the baby or save it for when the baby is older. 

    There are many internet sites which sell religious Baptism gifts.  You can also visit religious stores or a store commonly found in malls called Things Remembered.  Whatever gift you choose will be a special addition to the baby’s special day.


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